A long queue was formed this morning in front of the courthouse of Genoa for the probationary incident for the collapse of the Morandi bridge. The victims’ families are lined up – with lawyers asking for “truth” about the perpetrators of the tragedy – lawyers and some of the 20 suspects. Meanwhile, the mayor Marco Bucci hopes to ” see as soon as possible the decree Genoa and that there is all that we have asked the government “, otherwise “we will return to office”.

On the sidelines of a Cgil conference in Rivarolo, in the Morandi area, Bucci explained that the plan for the reconstruction of the bridge “is ready, that of Piano , already engineered. There are companies, like Fagioli, among the best in the world, ready. If they give us the ok we can leave in 7-10 days “. But “if in October we will not see cranes working on Morandi, then there is a serious problem”, he added.

But despite the reassurances of the government – “by tomorrow there will be the publication of the decree and immediately after there will be the appointment of the Commissioner,” said today Undersecretary to relations with Parliament, Matteo Guidesi – the decree Genoa is not yet at the Quirinale . As Premier Giuseppe Conte also explained yesterday, the text should still be awaiting the accounting of the accountancy.

Bucci: the road “30 June” will be the first to reopen
to the residents of the Morandi bridge area the mayor Bucci has therefore announced that “the first road to reopen in Val Polcevera along the axis of the river will, I hope shortly, the “June 30”, where the detritus is stopped for the probationary incident. »« Friday I will meet the judge to ask for the release from seizure. It will be open to everyone, not just the trucks, “he added. The road will be connected directly to the new “Superb” sea road.

Genoa Bridge: Fincantieri does not have the qualification to build it

The lawyers of the families of the victims: “Too many omissions”
Outside the court there is also Adele Chiello, the mother of Giuseppe Tusa, the officer of the captaincy who died in the collapse of the pilot tower, who wanted to bring solidarity to the relatives of the 43 victims of last August 14th. In the bunker hall also the administrator Roberto Ferrazza, who says he is “calm and quiet”. “We want the truth,” says Antonio Cirillo, a lawyer for the Battiloro, who in the collapse of the Morandi bridge lost 30-year-old Giovanni, a video-maker from Torre del Greco. «It will be difficult, it is a struggle against the strong powers – says the lawyer before the tribune of Genoa -. There have been too many omissions, even during the construction of the bridge, but we have confidence; the Prosecutor’s office is doing a great job ». «The culprits must be identified», adds Andrea Martini, lawyer of the Robbiano family, little Samuel and his parents died in the collapse. “The probationary incident will not be simple – adds the lawyer Martini -, it will be long because that of today is the first. Then there will be another one that will concern the preparation of the operative protocol for the repertory of the tests and proceed with the dismantling of the bridge “.

Codacons admitted between offended parties
In the course of the probative incident of today in Genoa, the Court’s magistrate has rejected the request by CGIL and other union organizations to form an injured party in the process, while it has accepted the request of the Codacons that now, in effect , will represent the community during the procedure. The same association of consumers, which with its experts participates in today’s hearing before the Court of Genoa, gives news.

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