Repubblica has dedicated an article to what could be a “three-layer” budget law, taking into account the forced maneuver on blocking the VAT increase, the start of the measures contained in the Government contract and the public investment plan . Among all these measures there would also be the pension reform, contained in the “second chapter” of the maneuver, relating therefore to the measures provided for in the Government contract. The Roman newspaper does not specify how the pension reform should be implemented, but estimates an expenditure of around 10 billion euros for the entire chapter. Which means that it is certainly to exclude an intervention that goes beyond the Quota 100 with the registry post placed at 64 years of age. According to the estimates of the last weeks, in fact,


Regarding the reform that should replace Fornero in the field of pensions, the Government is studying a “modular” Quota 100: Palazzo Chigi sources report it to ASI (Italian Press Agency), explaining that this measure – which we remember counts the sum between age and years of contributions – should provide for different modulations depending on the sectors of belonging of the workers. In particular, government sources explain, “In the event that it is not possible to allow all workers aged 64 or 65 to retire with 36 or 35 years of contributions, priority will be given to some workers, depending on the type of work or the situation “. In this case, it will start from those aged 64, which however risks excluding many workers, arousing not a few preventive polemics on the measure thought by the government yellow-green. (by Niccolò Magnani)


According to Il Giornale, one of the main proposals on the M5s’ golden pensions is to recycle pensions equal to or higher than 80 thousand euros: the problem is that this announcement made by Di Maio in recent weeks reveals a substantial problem just for the threshold imposed by the Government. “Who has a pension of € 80,000 has an income of less than € 4,000”: to clarify the real threshold is the Cosmed – association of retired senior managers and doctors – with € 80,000 gross per year equivalent “with additional municipal and regional checks from 3,780 to 3,922 euros net for 13 monthly payments, “conclude Cosmed’s experts. Not only that, the bill presented by the parent company to the Chamber Francesco D’Uva reveals a substantial difference with the announcement of Di Maio: “Di Maio continues to repeat that he will act on the retroactive recalculation of contributions, while D’Uva presented a bill that refers to the retroactive recalculation of the retired age. Two very different things “, concludes the colleagues of Il Giornale in strongly criticizing the proposed 5-Star Movement law.


The most serious problem of the M5s proposal on gold pensions to be cut is precisely unconstitutionality: as repeatedly highlighted by the oppositions in these first months of ministry held by Di Maio, the retroactive value puts in difficulty the whole legislative proposal . The Lega argues that perhaps a “one-off” contribution would be more appropriate than a permanent calculation of the contribution with the contributory system: it does so both for its own electorate and because it is not convinced that it can actually affect such a measure Italian social security problem. According to L’Eco di Bergamo in the editorial of Anfossi, the only problem is not constitutionality: «If the criteria for contributing to pensions were applied, it is not said, as the Inps warned, that it is possible to reconstruct the career paths of pensioners who have received pensions for decades with a salary calculation, that is not based on contributions paid. Then there is the problem of how to define a pension as “golden”. We started from 10 thousand euros net, then we arrived at 5 thousand and went to 4 thousand euros net. The latest proposal speaks of 80 thousand euros gross (3,780 euros net for 13 monthly payments with additional \

Fabio Fortuna, Magnificent Rector of Unicusano, spoke at the microphones of Radio Cusano Campus, commenting on the news of the flight of investors from Italian government bonds. From his point of view, “foreign investors when they hear smells of burnt leave”. The real test will however be the update note of Def together with the Budget Law “to see if the Government contract goes ahead”. According to reports by the Dire agency, Fortuna therefore referred to pension reform, although it highlighted that with regard to Quota 100 “it is still not clear how it will work and there will have to be elasticity according to the sectors of activity”. This is because “those who carry out a heavy business must have the possibility to retire before others”. In these days the hypothesis emerged that Quota 100 could contain “a differentiation also according to the sectors of activity”. So, “we have to see what the government will do, the difficulties are to find the sources of coverage”.

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